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That awkward moment when your Avatar / MU keeps dying on Lunatic Mode and you start to wish they could just be one of those ‘I am retreat’ units.

津田健次郎 - 吸血のレッスン(第4章:CAPITULUM4.Florent duae nobiles rosae~二輪の薔薇~)
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・゚・(ノД`)ヽ(゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)/(Дヾ)・゚・。 OOO MY GOOOOSSSHHH!!! My ear was raeped! RAEPED! Totally, thoroughly raeped by Tsuda Kenjirou in this Situation Drama CD! Tsuda-san, you ear raepist, you. (*ノω<*) アチャー

At first, I don’t really like Tsuda-san’s voice. But after Torishirabe and this title, I’m a convert. I hereby give you permission to violate my ears as many times as you want, Tsuda-san. (*/∇\*) キャ He really sounds LOTS better with dummy head mic. Durr hurr hurr~ Just listen to that slurping sound he made at the blood sucking scene.

And Y U MAKE such… such… キャッ(/д\*)) (justlistentothetrackplzyou’llknowwhati’mtalkingaboutohmygawdthegroansandgrunts)

Ok, enough of the swooning. Let’s move on to reviewing the CD, yea?

So, Kurobara is the volume where you get to know how did the first vampires came to be. At the beginning, you were (for some reason. meh) stranded in some war zone and injured. Alexander von Weiseheldenburg appeared and rescued you, bringing you to his mansion that is protected by confundus spell. lol. He was surprised to find an actual female vampire because the birth of a female in the vampire clan is so far unheard of. He revealed that he’s also a vampire and was puzzled that you couldn’t heal your wounds with your super powah. You told him that you didn’t know how to use it and asked him to teach you.

After he taught you the method to evoke the vampire magicky thing (which sounds like yoga meditation method without the seductive murmurs at your ears lol), you asked him to tell you more about the vampires because your vampire parents apparently never told you any. He ended up telling you the history of how he and his twin brother became the first vampire and the events that led to his brother finding salvation from the curse. Dun-dun-dun, cliché coming in. そうです。The brother found true love and was rescued from the fate of eternal emoness. They produced baby vampire boys and the brother asked Alexander to continue protecting his descendants.

Eventually, the baby fangy boys grew up and found their true love too. Alexander hoped that he can find his own destined princess too, and had been searching ever since. But he was convinced that he wouldn’t find her because his sin was too great to be granted with salvation, ever.

Blah-blah-blah, fast forward, the angry peehpul (I seriously dunno who they are. Alex have no clue too) managed to break Alexander’s barrier and came shooting at their door with silver bullet. Alexander was concerned because those silver bullets can turn vampires’ power against them, pushing them to blood sucking frenzy that will end up destroying everything they ever care about. So, he asked you to run fer your liiifffeee!

But the cliché bug is pretty persistent. So Alex got shot by the silver bullet when trying to protect you. He then pleaded with you to leave coz he’s gonna go cray cray soon. But did you listen? Nooooo, you just couldn’t leave him because you luph him. (Like, wow. In less than a day. Love. WOW.) So yeah, you offered your blood to satisfy his blood craving. *cue sexy sucking, slurping sounds. omaigad, my nose is bleeding again*

Well, as the legend goes hurr… The blood of true love save’em vampires. So Alex’s cray blood craving subsided and you two went icha-icha happily ever after.


Good gaaaaddd… By the scaly chicken and winged crocodiles, this CD is sexay. (ノ∀`♥) But I find it a little disturbing too. ‘Coz you know… Technically, you’re in a relationship with your ancestor (your great great great gramps or sumthin). Talk about robbing the cradle, eh, Alexie~

LOL. But I still like this CD very much. In fact, it’s my favourite out of all Kindan Vampire series. The part where Alex revealed his “sin” is also pretty shocking and sad. You’ll get that “now I know why he kept insisting he couldn’t be saved” kind of feeling.ショボ━(´・ω・`)━ン But since we, listeners, are so madly deeply in laph with our own vampire greatx3gramps, everything is fine and dandy. We saved him, sisters. Be proud. LOL

I’m really impressed by Tsuda-san’s acting here. At the beginning, Alex sounds like the normal karui otoko that will flirt with anything in skirts, but later on you get that he carried a big emotional burden. Really love how Tsuda-san acted out the almost gone cray scene. Emotional, babeh.

So, if you have the time and chance, please do listen to Kurobara. 是非、ね!I think it’s pretty worth it :)

All my feels for the black rose!

The Chronicles of My Erection [DELETED!]

(/ToT)/ my cousin deleted my erection!!! How could she do that to me?!

Play-through is gonna be delayed while I re-suffer the first 5 chapters again…

Sorry to those of you that were waiting on the next instalment!

Unpopular Gaming Opinion: Fire Emblem Awakening’s So-Called Shipwrecker, Sumia


I don’t care what anyone else says. I like Sumia. In fact, it is safe to say she is one of my favorite characters in this game. She’s right up there with Miriel, and I must admit, the main reason I love Miriel is because she’s voiced by Tara Platt (Mitsuru Kirijo in Persona 3 *swoons*). 

But let’s get back to the main point. 

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I happen to like Sumia, I think she’s a solid unit. I’m not keen on the klutz / self-hate persona she has going on because that isn’t attractive at all (the self-hate in particular). Despite that there are times she makes me laugh or awww.

However, I also like FMU x Chrom. Despite there being a lot of ‘characters’ with character in this game, I find the FMU x Chrom very compelling. The forbidden love of Gimle and Naga. The meeting of two opposites that forms into love is quite interesting to me. Most of it is in my imagination but the Lucina scene has massive impact when it’s mother vs daughter…

End of the day? Different strokes for different folks. I love all the fandoms because it’s more fun that way. :)



I don’t want to spam my dash more with individual series scans for these ones since they only have few pages so I grouped them all together. These are all from the May 2013 issue of B’s Log.

I guess this saves me a lot of scanning.

Adsfdsdghjk!! Alexanderrrr~!!

I see Adaro&#8230; So, what you&#8217;re saying is Pawns lack sex drive&#8230; yes?

I see Adaro… So, what you’re saying is Pawns lack sex drive… yes?



“I’m Chrom, the king of snark. I hail from the Halidom of Sass where even the peasants know the art of Swag.”

Oh, Chrom.

Oh Chrom you and your unlimited use Falchisark&#8230;



“I’m Chrom, the king of snark. I hail from the Halidom of Sass where even the peasants know the art of Swag.”

Oh, Chrom.

Oh Chrom you and your unlimited use Falchisark…


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Alright, so… You know those little moments of your life that happen and, in most cases, they quickly go away and just become a memory? But then there are those other moments that should pass by just as easily, but they just keep coming back to bother you in the back of your mind. Well, for me,…

Whilst this is mostly likely a lack of developer scope / resources to enable a few changes in Cordelia’s dialogue, I actually think her obsession is semi realistic.

There are people in the world who dearly love someone they can’t have and that doesn’t always mean celebrity adoration, it could be a friend or work colleague. Those people may well ‘move on’ to others but their love for that forbidden one remains.

So whether Cordelia has traces of mental illness or simply an unhealthy emotional / psychological dependancy on her feelings for Chrom, I still find it realistic and tragic that she can’t develop from them…

My interest would by why / when / how she developed these feelings in the first place… The game doesn’t give us any in-story dialogue between those two other than a very brief few lines in the midst of a crisis. We don’t know why these strong feelings exist. I’m curious about how Cordelia continues to keep these feelings alive - what is driving them on? Is there anything other than implied interactions in the barracks? And even that interaction will depend on luck (Honestly, those two have never interacted in any of my play-throughs)

I wish the developers had explored the feelings more, perhaps given Cordelia some monologue style supports with Chrom where she’s watching or thinking of him.

The Summer Bonds DLC does try to address some if this, but not enough…